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    my uncle hasasked me t otake him on a moose hunting trip for 7 days. I told him i would take him the first week of moose season casue im going hunting somewhere else in the middle of the season.We dont have a four wheeler or buggy or anything. We got a canoe. So does anyone have any ideas of where we could hunt. we are fine with walking. I would like t ogo with the canoe. thanks

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    Thumbs up location?

    Don't know where you are at, but the Little Su river from the Parks hwy to Burma landing is a good option. The float itself takes about 3-4 days in a canoe at a leisurely pace. So, if you mix in a few days of walking around type hunting you could make a good 7 day hunt out of it. Get a good map of the river and find some swamps and low areas just off the river (I wouldn't walk more than a mile just in case you knock one down), get the GPS coordinates and go find them. You won't be alone, but it is a good option for an inexpensive hunt.

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    Thumbs up Swanson River Canoe Trails!

    I think you'd really enjoy the Swanson River Canoe Trails or the Swan Lakes Canoe Trails, out on the Kenai Peninsula. The entire area is detailed very well in Daniel Quick's excellent book, "Kenai Canoe Trails", which is available on this site.

    One word of caution though. Bring a GPS and know how to use it! Much of that country is pretty flat, and it could be easy to get lost in there. Should be a good moose hunt, and the fishing is great.

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    You might want to give the Swanson River canoe trail system a shot, it gets a lot of pressure but if you work hard enough you might get you a moose.

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    Default Archives...

    Here's a post from last season regarding Swanson canoe trail success...The gentleman who posted did a good deal of homework/research and it paid off..

    When viewing the thread click on a users name and it will show you his post history...This may help you backtrack his leg work and hopefully willbenefit you..

    Best of luck...


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