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    Anyone know much about the .338 EDGE. Is it a wild cat? Supposedly it's about .07% faster or more powerful than the Lapua. And it's a 300 RUM necked up to a .338 Not sure I understand that...isn't that a smaller case? and produces a more powerful cartridge?

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    Default 338 edge case lemgth

    The 338 edge is the 300rum case necked up. The 300 rum case shoulder is farther forward and the 300 case is longer than the 338 rum.
    300 rum 2.850
    338 rum 2.760

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    Default wildcat

    The 338 edge is a wildcat.

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    Its the latest and greatest in long range shooting. If you have a .338 Lapua, it aint worth the upgrade because gains are minimal. If you are building from scratch, and you got to have the latest and greatest, and you can afford the powder and lead, there you go. Be sure to add a break!

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    There is little to no ballistic difference between the 338 Edge and the 338 Laupa. Shawn Carlock the father of the 338 Edge built my 338 Laupa. Shawns go to load in the 338 Edge is 92 Grains of H-1000 under the 300 grain SMK. Hogdon lists 92 grains for the 338 Laupa and the SMK.

    My 338 Laupa with a 30" ABS Carbon wraped barrel and 5.5X22 X50 NXS scope. 11.6 pounds ready to go

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    Does it take a 30"barrel to burn all 92 grains efficiently in the Lapua? I'm ignorant concerning the Lapua, so just asking! Ignorant but intrigued!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MontanaRifleman View Post
    Anyone know much about the .338 EDGE.
    I've got one. It's a sporter weight rifle built off a stainless Remington 700 action. It wears a Shilen #5 barrel, fluted and finished at 26-inches plus the brake. The stock is a McMillan Rem Sporter. For glass, it has a Monarch 2.5-10x, riding in Talley LW mounts. The overall weight is 8# 10oz.

    With a healthy dose of RL-25 powder, it slings 225-grain Nosler Accubonds at 3200+ fps. The recoil isn't nearly as bad as one would expect. My .338-06 actually hits you harder. With the brake removed, however, she's a different animal. It's shootable, but it's not nearly as pleasant.

    To make ammo, I simply use necked up .300 Ultra Mag cases with properly adjusted .338 Ultra Mag dies (they need to be backed off a bit).

    I have tried RL-22 and RL-25. They both produce very good accuracy, but the RL-25 gives me another 100 fps, or so. I've heard that Retumbo is another good powder for this round, but I haven't tried any yet. RL-25 is doing well, so I haven't seen a need to further experiment. Someday I'll get around to shooting some of the new 250gr Accubonds as well.

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    Shawn Carlock did his homework on that round and of course he is one of the best shooters around. Lot's of power and long reach.

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    So I'm thinking if someone wanted build a.338 EDGE, they would use a .300 RUM action and mate it to a .388 barrel chambered to the EDGE cartridge?

    Looks like and interesting cartridge but I'm not sure I see a significant difference between it and the RUM or Lapua. I've heard the Lapua is a little more powerful than the RUM but the ballistics tables I've checked don't seem to bear that out. I've seen more higher velocities with the RUM than the Lapua.

    I am thinking about having a .338 built in a year or two. I think with a 27" inch barrel I could work up a 3200 fps load for a 225 bullet, in a .338 RUM, especiall with Retumbo, it seems to get good velocities. It's something to keep my eye on and get smart on.

    Thanks for the info and the pics, nice looking outfits.

    And for ekc, I'm guessing the 30" barrel includes a brake?

    For any ultra mag rifle I might get, I would also get a 27" barrel for efficient powder burn and to get the best out of it.

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    Default Case capacity

    The 300 RUM has a longer case than the 338 RUM. That's why they use the 300 RUM cases to build the 338 EDGE. BUT, LONG barrels are required to maximize velocities in thes calibers.
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