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Thread: native land maps

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    Default native land maps

    Where can i go to find the native land boundarys in the homer area specifically across the bay?

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    No maps here, but there's contact info for CIRI. They can give you more information on village contacts.

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    Default maps & easements

    Click on the desired sectional ie: Seldovia B5 to pull up easements(text) and color map

    Pretty decent mapping & reserved easements
    SN Seldovia Native Corp.
    PG Port Graham Native Corp.
    EB English Bay (Nanwalek)
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    Question where are the native lands

    We are going to hunt the bays next week over by sadie and tuka and jacoloff so i was wondering if there is any thing you need to do to hunt there.We will be just spotting from the boat and stalking.I heard the private land doesnt start till the high water mark.Just trying not to piss anyone off and ruin my hunt.

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    jakolof bay is very shallow, and there is a road running alongside it. also it has a LOT of oyster farms in it so it is not very navigable. lots of folks from seldovia hunt this area.
    one of the big stay-aboard transporters out of homer has been hunting in tutka, i know they got a nice bear in there last week.
    sadie cove is probably the hardest hit area across the bay, mostly because it has the only big southern exposure slope that can be glassed from a boat. the private inholdings at sadie are mostly on the left about 1/2 way back, and on the right near the end of the cove.
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    fish and game has a pretty nice map with all the native land on it


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