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Thread: Kodiak boat question

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    Default Kodiak boat question

    I am moving to Kodiak in late July, and am wondering if it is worth it to bring my boat. I have a 13' Boston Whaler with a 40hp Yamaha. I realize this is a very small craft. I will likely be living in town, but is there any spot off the road system where I would get any use out of this thing? I am really hoping there are some bays that I would be able to fish in. I have used the boat in Lake Superior on really calm days, but I never have even seen salt water. I have a pair of Cannon downriggers, and 450 trolling spoons. Anyone? Mr. Rosenburg? Please consider ferry fees, and decreased gas mileage, I'll be driving from Minnesota. A bonus would be the ability to haul a lot more gear up in the boat!

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    Sell it and buy a 20 footer when you get here... 13 is a bit small
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    Default Bottom's up...

    Trailering your boat to AK from MN will cost you plenty.
    Ferrying your boat to Kodiak from the mainland will cost you plenty more.

    Yes, there are bays and inlets out of the harbor launch that your rig could reach and there are even some fair-weather days that it could do you justice. However, your boat is glass. There is lots of flotsam around Kodiak and most boats are comprised of welded metal. Metal dents. Glass breaks. The equation is quite simple.

    I echo the advice of the reply ahead of me based on the information I have just shared. If I was in your shoes, I would sell.

    If you are concerned about needing more space to transit your goods, you could then consider a small trailer to tow, but then again you are going to get whacked on fuel and fees.

    My advice?

    Pack your car to the brim. Buy a top rack and auto top storage carrier and stuff your extra's in there. Check with the ferry and I would hope you'll find there will not be an increased fee.

    Once you settle into island life, you'll make friends and get the skinny on good used boat deals. In the meantime, the rivers and streams will give up plenty.

    That's how I would play it if I was you...

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    Ahh the joys of fiberglass! I think I'll take a small trailer with, and sell the boat. I don't think I want to pay for glass work on Kodiak!! How about taking the boat motor only, and buying a boat there?

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    Default Sell It

    Sell it and get something when your up me it's to small.

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    Sell it. There are places it could work on the right days, but your going to want to buy something different after a couple times out anyway. I'm guessing you'll get more for a skiff that size down there than you would up here.


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