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    Default CMP Rifle Clinic

    ARC sponsored CMP sanctioned High Power Rifle Clinic Program

    The Alaska Rifle Club (ARC) is sponsoring a Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) sanctioned High Power Rifle Clinic at 8 a.m. on 2 May 08 at Birchwood Recreation & Shooting Park Clubhouse.

    The Alaska Rifle Club promotes and supports marksmanship training; practice and competition through hosting CMP and NRA sanctioned matches, CMP clinics and supporting several junior marksmanship programs.

    The primary Instructor is Ron Fleischhacker, with 25 years of competitive experience at Interservice, National and International competitions. Some accomplishments include:
    • High Power Rifle High Master classification
    • Distinguished Rifleman and Pistol Shot
    • Interservice Long Range Champion
    • Top National Guard service rifle shooter in the Nation three times
    • #3 overall service rifle shooter in the Nation
    • Presidents Hundred Rifle recipient numerous times
    • National Guard Chiefs’ 50 recipient
    • Alaska State & Regional Champion numerous times
    • Member of the NRA 792 club
    • Member of numerous winning Interservice, National and International Team Championships

    This course of instruction is oriented toward service rifle marksmanship competition.

    Areas of focus will be upon safety, weapon maintenance, equipment familiarization, marksmanship basics & fundamentals, the positions utilized in competition and mental aspects of the sport.

    The course will include approximately 4 hours of classroom instruction followed by 4—5 hours of hands on coached training and practice at the Birchwood Rifle Range.
    My goal is to have one on one coaching, but it could be a 2:1 ratio depending upon number of available coaches.

    A Service Rifle (M-1 or AR-15), 50 rounds of ammunition and Range fees are provided. If you desire to use your own service rifle, you may do so as long as I am able to inspect it and deem it functionally safe.

    The cost is $60. for pre-registrations, and $70. the day of the clinic-- IF there is space available. The cost for current Alaska Rifle Club members is $50.

    The class will be limited to 24 people. I anticipate a full class so pre-registration is encouraged. The pre-registration process is as follows:
    • Call 694-1042 or email me at to confirm space availability.
    • If space is available, send a check or money order to 10428 chain of rock, Eagle River AK 99577. Make the check or M/O payable to ARC.
    • The check or money order MUST be received no later than 29 April 08 to retain your confirmed space.

    The CMP affidavit is available at under forms. Please print a copy for EACH clinic participant, complete, and have it Notarized. Most banks will provide free notary service for their members. The completed affidavit is a requirement prior to

    Directions to Birchwood Recreation and Shooting Park:
    From Anchorage, go North on the Glenn Hwy to the North birchwood exit, (approx 17 mi.) turn North. Go approximately 2.5 miles and turn right into the Park area. It is just behind the Birchwood airport.

    Registration is between 0730--0800. I will have some morning munchies &
    drinks available. Bring a lunch, as we will not have a significant break.

    The basic schedule is as follows:
    0730--0800 Registration
    0800-1200 + - Class instruction
    1200--1230 Lunch, Transition to and prepare rifle range, safety briefing
    1230-1700 + - Range fire

    The course of fire at the range is 50 rounds, broken down as follows:
    • Prone--2 sighters
    • Standing slow fire--2 sighters & 10 shots for record, one minute per shot
    • Sitting Rapid--2 sighters & 10 shots for record, one min. per sighter, then
      60 seconds for the 10 shot string. (the 10 shots will be loaded in two magazines, 2 & 8) the magazine with 2 will be fired first, then the magazine with 8 rounds.
    • Prone Rapid--2 sighters & 10 for record, one min. per sighter, then 70
      seconds for the 10 shot string. (the 10 shots will be loaded in two magazines, 2 & 8) the magazine with 2 will be fired first, then the magazine with 8 rounds.
    • Prone Slow fire--2 sighters & 10 for record, one minute per shot

    There will be 12 firing points, with 2 people per firing point (2 rotating
    relays). One coach//instructor will work a maximum of 2 firing points,
    providing a 2:1 instruction ratio. I encourage the non-firing relays also
    glean the information from the "firing" relay. This will be covered at the
    class and on the range, this is simply prepatory information.

    Things to bring: Ear protection, eye protection, a pen or two, lunch, dress for the weather, spotting scope -if available, shooting accessories you have (mat, coat, glove,
    etc)-if available.

    We will have AR-15's and M1's available. Consider your

    The 08 ARC schedule is also available at

    If you have additional questions, comments or concerns contact Ron Fleischhacker at 694-1042.

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    This was a great class for beginners. It was what I needed as I had very little exposure to high power rifle competitions. There is a lot more to it than what you can read in a book.

    I would highly recommend it for the beginner. I will also tell you that there were several who had been at the class before that attended.

    Everyone was friendly and treated everyone well. That has been my expereince with all shooting sports.



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