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Thread: Hunting Caribou using a decoy

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    Default Hunting Caribou using a decoy

    Just wondering if anyway has any stories about hunting caribou and using a decoy to do so.

    I plan on trying it this year using a elk decoy. Might work might not

    Have a good one

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    keep us posted on how this works out for you.

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    Default Montana

    Montana decoys was in the process of making a caribou decoy. I have not seen it in production yet. I actually saw a husband and wife team on the haul road using a home made decoy. They claimed that it worked on occasion.

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    Default Decoy

    The new Montana catalog has a fold-up caribou decoy, about $120.

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    We used one of the Montana Decoy prototypes a couple of years ago. It worked good for rifle hunting, but we weren't able to work critters in close enough with the decoy. We tried walking right at them, getting in front of them and setting up the decoy and slowly creeping closer from an angle and none of them worked. I would have liked to have had more time with it bowhunting though. We did have a curious younger bull that kept running back and forth to the decoy, and got some great video of it, but never could get him closer than about 80 yards. Sneaking in on herds caused a stampeed in the opposite direction.

    My buddy gave them a couple of suggestions on the decoy, so I'd be curious to see it now.


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