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Thread: Skull whitening?

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    Default Skull whitening?

    I have been stocking up various skulls & had lots of free time so I pulled them out of the freezer & fallowed the tips from the AK Dep. F&G. for cleaning skulls.
    I had Knights Taxadermy do a skull for me many years ago. The skull has the initials "KH" on it. I have had other skulls done by taxidermists, but this guy did a great job! None of the others compare.
    Any way this particular one has been dipped, air brushed, or hand painted in "something" & then sealed with a Varathane clear coat it looks like? I have herd that Elmers Glue is what is used? I have been using the jaw bones from deer as practice & nothing has matched? I have used just the glue & watered it down to various degrees & it is not the look I am shooting for.
    Any one have any ideas? I also have a bear skull I found with cracked & chipped teeth. Ground squirles where trying to get pay back I guess? Any idea what is used as a filler & what is used to paint the skulls?

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    Are you skulls all cleaned with bugs or boiled or something once that iis done it is best to degrease them in dawn dish soap and water or actone or ammoina for a few weeks then I use peroxcide. A good resource is lots of info there!!


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    Use salon grade hair bleach, which is 40% peroxide and not bleach at all, to whiten the bone. Do not use clorine bleach, it will ruin the bone and make it chalky. As for sealing the skull, go online and order a Van Dykes Taxidermy catalog, there are numerous products available as well as bone whiteners, but the hair bleach is pretty much the same stuff, but cheaper.

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    When I do skulls I take gymnasium chalk and and the peroxide and form a paste. I then put the paste on the skull and let set for a day or two, then rinse the skull. I found out that this yield much better results in the whitening. I hope this help.


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    Default Skull Whitening

    I have done a few check out the thread below. You can use apoxie sculpt to repair any chips or cracks and then airbrush that spot.

    Good Luck

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    Default skull whitening

    You can try kilz. It is used as a primer to cover stains,
    it will get your skull nice and white. Just don't put it on to thick. Thin coats until you get what you like. You might mask of the teeth if you like there color the seal with satin acrilic. It will also hide any putty repairs you have done. Most stores that have paint carry it.

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    Default Thanks.

    Thansk for all the info guys. Will do some more tests runs. Thanks again.


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