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    Smile Dm802

    I had given up on getting a tag this year. I checked it a couple of times at the first of the year and nothing. Well I check the mail Sat. there is a red tag for DM802 so I am little behind getting ready for this hunt. Anyone with that tag need a hunting partner? If I fly out who should i use? I do not have a boat but i could rent if that is the way i need to go. Any advice would great and much needed

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    Anyone know who the 2 people are that do fly-in for 21B
    i know there are two regestered but do not know who they are

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    I think Andy Greenblatt of Shadow Aviation will fly into that area from Fbks.
    There's a large round lake in the little mud drainage that has an unused old refuge cabin on it. The area has seen several fires in recent years. There should be moose around there. Talk to the area bio and to refuge folks.
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    Andy Greenblatt booked up for the entire hunting season as of a couple of months ago. Sportsman's air is now the only operating fly-out service now in Galena, as Brownie shut his business down and moved/is moving to Africa.


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