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    Default bored dog?

    Ive had a problem with my dog the past few days of training. I'll just stick with todays training. I took her out, set up a line of bumpers out to about 100 yards and sent her on multiple backs until she picked them all up. The first few she grabbed were at a speed just over a walk. She livened up for the next few and trotted after them and then the last few she was a bit faster. Then I worked with her on hand signals for lefts and rights. We have done these a thousand times in the past and she is solid on them. She followed the commands but the same thing happened as before. She just kind of trotted over there like she didn't really care. Next, I gave her a few fun bumpers to break up the boredom. She went after them with a little more effort than the backs and overs but she still didn't hit it with her normal enthusiasm. After about 10 of the fun bumpers I decided to just cut the training short and go home. On the way home I was beginning to think she may be sick or something but when I got home and started to feed her she went crazy like she always does and upon finishing her meal went right for one of her toys and wanted to play. Anyone got any ideas on whats going on?

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    How many repetitions are you sending her? Sending more than twice to the same location does become mundane in their mind. If you do... then remark the pile by throwing a bumper into it. You need something in it for the dog. If you don't then they do become bored.
    You also mentioned 10 fun bumpers. UGHH .... ten. You only need 1 or 2. By the time you have reached ten you have taken the "fun" out of it.
    I don't know the level of training you have with your dog. But here are my thoughts. Shorten your sessions, I'm guessing they are too long. Have in mind what you want to do. If you are going to do bumper lining then choose a location. Maybe easy or maybe use some type of cover or terrain depending on your dogs level. Set out 2 or 3. If your dog is successful once then why repeat it. If your dog has trouble then you can teach and rerunning is fine. You can also go to different locations in the same field or set up multiple piles.
    Also vary your training with some marks thrown by real people. This really gets them going. If you do too much drill work and not enough momentum building marks. Dogs will get bored. Like I said, leave something in it for the dog.

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    Default Weather

    Well my experience is that when our Alaska bred and raised dogs are in weather that is above about 70 and we work them-well they tend to slow down. My solution is to do some water retrieves. That always seems to perk up my Golden and he will go from 1/2 speed to full speed with just one dip in the cooler water. It's always worked for me...
    Ruby at the end of a good day.

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    I agree with Wetland Retievers about the repetitions. Too many. I was out yesterday and ran in to the legendary Roy McFall. We'd met 20 years ago at trials in Oregon & Washington. Well he plied me with the promise of live bird marks. How can a girl resisit? Of course the marks were big monster field trial marks, way out. Even the short bird was over 100 yards. I took them as singles but Lucy was confused having live people, defrosted ducks and live kicking birds at 250 yards so we did it twice. She's 5 years old and running in that 50 degree humid field for 10 mins was all she could take in my opinion. She was too hot and panting hard. We had run marks and blinds earlier in the day too. I think getting these dogs out in warmer weather takes more conditioning and your dog may just need some more conditioning. Chad Gleason just wrote an article for the May Alaska Dog News and he suggests more fun exercise with a ball or frisbee outside of training. I also like liven up some of the marks and blinds by tossing a leave it bumper off to the side ( reenforce "Here!") as they come into heel. Gets them in faster because they have another short retrieve to get set for.

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    Default bored dog

    I dont know how your training sessions go but my advise would be to shorten everything up. I know youre already throwing fun bumpers but make then even funner, jump around, howl, then just sling that bumper, do whatever it takes. Good Luck!!


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