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    I am looking at a beautiful commercial 98 mauser. The only markings on the whole gun is the word "Forest" stamped on the front receiver ring.

    This gun resembles a Interarms MKX but exhibits higher quality. The rear sight is milled into the barrel much like the pre 64 winchesters. The bluing is as deep as any I've seen. The wood to metal finish is perfect.

    My best guess says that this gun was manufactured in Germany (JP Sauer or the like). Any body familiar with this "Forest" stamping or where it came from?

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    I've seen a few of them they are what I think they are FN actions rather than the Interarms Mausers (MkX) with very good fit and finish.

    I think the sights are closly fitting barrel bands, rather than milled with the barrel but same effect, very nicely done. This 243 sold on Gun Broker a while back for about $800 I believe. I have tried to buy some of them for the actions, they are nice. They do not have the Mauser trigger, usually a Sako type of trigger with the sliding tang safety lever on the right side of the rear tang. They do not have the 'C' Cut breech, having a cut on both sides. They have a hinged floor plate in place of the old trap door and are nicely done. I think they are 1960's to early 1970's vintage. I don't know where they are made but do have some European look to them.
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