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    Default Old Town Guide 160

    I am close to purchasing a canoe and think I have it narrowed down to this one. We will use it mostly for leisurely paddling with the kids, fishing and some camping. Not looking to set any speed records or run any white water. Seems like a good bet for the price. Does anyone have any info or personal experience with this model?

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    Hello kenaihntr.
    I don't have a guide, but here's a web page with 19 reviews of that boat so it should help some.
    Vance in AK.

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    Default good choice

    This is a great boat for the guy that has a family, a guy that likes to fish from his boat, a guy that wants to be able to haul a moose in it.
    This is not an bad all around boat.. not too heavy, and tough.
    will bounce off the rocks and give you many many years of service.
    the wide bottom will give you good initial stability.
    good choice..
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    I dont have the guide 160, but I do have the 147, and can say I love it. Great all around canoe.
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    Default guide

    I also have the Guide 147. Chose it over the 160 mainly due to lighter weight - at 75# it is just about the max I want to portage around and load/unload by myself. The load capacity is huge (around 900#) and it is very stable. I have the old town snap on third seat and rail sling so we can seat me, my wife, two children, the dog, and gear without any concerns. We really like it and it works well for us.

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    Default predator 160

    I have the predator 160 and find it to be a good all around canoe which is very stable and can handle quite a bit of weight. I usually paddle mine solo and I've even paddled it up creeks and ran up to class 3 water, I'd say good choice for an all-arounder

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    Hey Kenai,
    I just purchased a 147 OT Guide. I enjoy researching almost as much a the buy, and it narrowed down to the OT Guide for me. Not because it's the fastest, or lowest profile, or most responsive, etc, etc. Narrowed down to COST, dependability, stability, longivity were the primary factors. Since its just me, I chose the 147, but the Guide 160 would be my choice for family, without a doubt.
    IMO, its a solid choice! Now go enjoy!


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