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Thread: Cooper Landing Blackies

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    Anyone been hunting/seeing any blackies around Cooper Landing area? Planning on heading there next week to do some hunting/hiking/camping.

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    I was down there 2 weeks ago wondering around fishing mostly. I glassed a couple of hills and didnt even see a rock that looked like a bear. Not a single track in about 3 miles of walking.

    There was a lot less snow than anchorage though so they might be thinking about coming out by now.

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    Wow, we have a lot of snow still on the hills here in Seward and hunting is too early. There are no bare slopes and you can barely hike off the highway. Cooper Landing has less snow but still.... If you have one weekend to hunt wait two weeks. If you want to get out of the house after a long Winter be out the first weekend and scout out some areas. We are going to have a late Spring this year which shortens the window so I would get out and start looking, but it will be two weeks until the prime time...
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