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    Have any of you guys used the Eberlestock "Just One" packs? If so, how do you like them and what, if any, drawbacks are there to the pack?

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    I too will be interested in hearing feedback on these packs; and the differences between the 04 and 05 model.

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    Unhappy Eberlestock

    I purchased one of these packs and hunted and hiked a couple times, put two deer quarters on the pack and the pack ripped. I took it back and exchanged it for another new pack and went on a moose and caribou would not stand up to the demanding hunt, ripping in several places, a plastic snap for the strap broke and my shoulder harness broke. It was all messed up. Took it back and exhanged it again, emailed the company and asked what was going on. I then took my third pack and went on a bear hunt, shot a nice black bear and tied the hide to my pack...rrrrriiiiiipppppp! I had two large rips in material while attaching the hide to the pack. I took the pack back and exchanged it for a different pack. I know they have since come out with new material, that is what I suggested in the email I sent to them. I do not know how the new packs and material is fairing in the demands of the Alaskan bush.

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    Thumbs up Great packs

    I got an Eberlestock gunslinger in the 1000 denier cordura. It is the toughest pack I have ever used. The built in scarrab is awesome and supports the gun well yet is easy to get the gun out of. The earlier complaint may have been on a pack in the other material available. Not sure about that. Doesnt sound good to me. I have the 1000 cordura and it is very, very, tough stuff. Comes in od green, black, and tan. Lot of pack for the money and from my dealing with them, excellent customer service. Both times I had called or emailed, Glenn Eberlestock responded personally to me within 24 hours. You cant ask for more than that in my opinion.


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