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Thread: Small Stream Dolly Varden (May)

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    Default Small Stream Dolly Varden (May)

    Heading out bear hunting soon and should be some dollies (I've been told) in a small stream and pockets of water where we are going. Any ideas on what type of tackle to take (going to stay away from fly fishing). Was thinking small mepps and dare devils?


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    I remember reading an article about that in the ADN. Here is the link. I hope it helps.
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    Default Chase the egg...

    If you aren't a purist and are simply after skillet fish bring a small reel, light line, and even a cheap telescopic buggy whip. The only terminal you will need is a small hook, small shot, and a jar of Balls O' Fire processed salmon eggs.

    Put one or two eggs on the hook and cast it to a deeper pool and then rapidly retrieve. Stop near the stream's edge and one of the chasing dollies will pick it up. Before it has a chance to feel the steel and spit it out, set your hook and the fish is yours.

    This method is absolutely deadly and I use it whenever I am on the harvest...

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