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    Hey guys,
    I am new to this forum and I was just wanting some general information. I graduate college soon and am wanting to treat myself to an Alaska vacation. I am wanting to do some kayaking along some glaciers. I have done an incredible amount of research and was wanting some feedback. Should I do one of the guided tours? Would I be ok w/o a guide? My survival skill is very high, but I know Alaska would be different than anything I have ever done. Also, what are some of your favorite spots to kayak?
    Thanks alot

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    Grab the book fast and cold, a guide to alaska whitewater by Andrew Embick. That has a ton of info in it!

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    "...kayaking along some glaciers." -- That says to me "ocean kayaking" Fast & Cold deals with river kayaking. Not the same sport at all, but the book does have some great, if dated, material on survival and camping in remote areas of Alaska.

    Backcountry Safaris ( does some nice trips into Aialik Bay out of Seward. It's quite an interesting place from a kayak. You can also do this and many other trips on your own, but you will probably want a boat to drop you off at the end of the bay unless you are really into distance paddling. The boat drop off might cost as much as a fully guided trip.

    Also, you don't mention how skilled you are with a kayak. Unless you are very familiar with wilderness camping from a one man boat, I would go with a guide.

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