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Thread: Fishing Barrow in May?

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    Default Fishing Barrow in May?

    I will be working in Barrow for 4-5 weeks, and would like to check into fishing on the weekends.
    I have a few questions that hopefully someone can answer. Are you able to fish around Barrow in May, what species are available and where? Are there guides that will supply the equipment? If on the other hand there is not fishing in the immediate area, what type of weekend trip would you suggest?
    Thanks in advance.

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    The fishing will be ice fishing. If you have or can get gear to fish I would imagine that there is cod and polock in the salt and grayling and artic chars in the fresh. I have no idea if there are any guides up there. If you can't get gear then maybe you could chase caribou.
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    Default Thanks to those who replied

    Thanks for the reply and P.M.'s.

    I'll am leaving tomorrow, fishing or no fishing

    I don't hunt, but hopefully I can find something to do to fill the off hours.


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