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Thread: fishing around fairbanks

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    Default fishing around fairbanks

    can anyone give me tips on catching grayling, trout, and our the salmon like what to use and when is the best time to fish for them. Im asking for advice and tips. Im from the lower 48 and none of my stuff is here yet. Im military so more help the better.

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    You can catch grayling on post anytime. I use small mosquito pattern flys, or egg patter flies and also small Mepps inline spinners. Look for fish boiling on surface. Stocked trout at local lakes I use Mepps, flies, shrimp under cork, worms under cork, small topwaters, powerbait, etc... Just try stuff until they bite. For salmon, there are really no great salmon fisheries up here for "fresh salmon". In the Chena and Salcha you can catch kings and chums with corkies, vibrax's or wiggle warts. Look for choke points. This is in the July time frame. Check ADFG website for fish counter and reports. Also Sportsman's has a report board. In late Sept and early Oct you can go to the Delta Clearwater and catch silvers. However since we will be gone to the desert by then you wont get the chance.

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    Default chena slough..

    right behind Badger Gas is a good Grayling spot. They bite almost anything from spinners to flies. Now is the time to get out and try it.


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