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Thread: 3 Feathers or 4

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    Default 3 Feathers or 4

    I just picked up some new wooden arrows for my recurve. I started to shoot some with 4 feathers and still have my 3 feathers. I do not notice a big difference. What is the benefit?

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    Just as in "large vs. small" fletchings, a fourth vane adds more stability thru drag on an arrow. This comes at a rather insignificant loss of speed. I have all 3 fletchings myself, probably due to ease in tuning and arrow rest clearence issues.

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    advantage is beter arrow flight with big broad heads
    but the further out the arrow goes it really loose advantage because of speed loss therfore arrow falling faster

    personally i would stay with 3 flechted
    but who am I ? just my 2 cc


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