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    I bought some of the .338 ProHunter specials from Grafs that Murphy gave the heads up on. I've got a few loaded up to see how they group as I'm breaking in a new rifle if it ever comes in and it stops raining on weekends. I believe that Murphy said they'd be OK as heavy loads in a 338-06 but I was wondering if anyone here has used them on game yet. I was thinking that if they had usual Sierra accuracy they'd be dandy DRT bullets for thin skinned game when shot out of a Win Mag. Anything that can bite back deserves a Partition, A-Frame, or TSX with about 25 more grains of weight IMO. Since they are a one time deal I don't want to wait too long and not be able to get some more.

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    I've never taken a moose with one from any caliber and don't think they would be the best for that. Caribou, mule deer and possibly elk sized animals no problem with the '06 or the mag. Muzzle velocity of 2800 should be the limit for them. For moose size and big bears I'd prefer the 250 partition or the 225-250 A-frame.
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    What grain bullet is it?

    I have used the 165 sierra boattail on deer out of the 300 win mag. The bullet held together just fine and I would not have a problem using it on moose. I expect the 338 bullets to do even better.

    One good thing about the 338 is that all the bullets are capable of taking large critters. I would use any 200+ grain bullet in the 338 win mag for anything in this state. Some choices are better than others but I believe they are all capable.
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    Thanks for the info. I'll have to see if I can recover some of these to see how they hold together. I suspect that they'll be more reliable in the 338-06 at lower velocities than the WM. But if the ProHunters are tougher than Game Kings they should be OK. Even Elmer Keith liked the 250 GK's out of a 338 WM. Unfortunately for me the only moose where I live are members of a fraternal organization. So, the 225's should be good for anything I can legally shoot.

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    Thumbs up 338-06

    Used a 338-06 fpr several years after elk and here in Alaska.

    My favorite load was IMR 4320 @ 57.0 with a 210 Nosler Part........very good load!

    The 225gr Hornady Spire Point with 54.0 was also a good performer.

    The 215gr Sierra BT very good also at 338-06 vel.......but not so great in the 338 Win Mag. with higher vel.

    Suggest the Nosler 225gr Accubond or the 225gr Hornady Interbond should be great in the 338-06.

    I retired it and then went to the 338 Win. when I decided to make Alaska home!


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