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Thread: 7.5 horse, 12 ft- enough 4 Little Su?

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    Default 7.5 horse, 12 ft- enough 4 Little Su?

    I have a 12 ft flat bottom aluminum wit ha 7.5 horse motor. Would this setup get me up and down the little Su a short ways or am I better off sticking to the lakes? Thanks for the knowladge!

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    I run a 15hp on my 10-foot Zodiak on the Little Su, and my brother has run there with his 9.9hp on his 14-foot riveted aluminum skiff. 7.5 seems pretty small for a 12-footer on the Little Su, but I don't have any experience with that particular combo. Do you know how fast it goes loaded in calm water? The Little Su runs 3-4 mph. It's probably doable, but it might be a little slow heading upstream.
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    Default It should do just fine.

    I used to run an 11 foot inflatable with an 8 horse on the Little Su and it was okay with two people. I now have a 12' jon boat. With a 6 horse single cylinder four stroke I have had it up to 14 mph with my wife and small dog on board. If you are solo it shouldn't be any problems.

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    I ran a 12' with a 5 hp prop for several years, didnt go real fast but caught a lot of fish. Changed quite a few shear pins and a couple props as well. CN

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    It's a very light jon boat so it sounds possible then eh?

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    It could do it, but it is not something that I would want to repeat. My boat 14 foot riveted jon is really light and has a 30 hp jet. I can only imagine all the stuff that I would hit not being on plane and having a prop underwater. Sounds like an expensive proposition to me.


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