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    does anybody have any recommendations for a quality windproof lighter, maybe a butane?

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    hey here the deal i have run accross with them, always carry a small butane refill with those lighters, they use fuel fast. 2nd problem i have had is when out in the cold(-20) they do not like to light until they warm up, you have to keep them in pants pocket not jacket pocket. i got one at williams has a generic compass, led flashlight, and clip on it for $8. i am a smoker but have learned to always carry atleast 2 lighters with me. 1 regular and a butane windproof lighter, make sure you have a cover on it, flame is not bright and you will burn yourself atleast once. make short time of building a fire out of damp wood. i always carry a small refill butane with the lighter, along with a regular bic, waterproof matches, multitool. you never know when you will need something. i would rather have a tool than wishing i had them with me. just my suggestion.jeff

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    I think lighters a mixed blessing... I bought one from REI a few years ago, and it mostly worked. I don't remember its brand name, but it was clear and had a jet flame that was supposedly windproof. It was strange in that the flame itself was invisible, but it did its job. The lighter was refillable, and it always had plenty for each trip; since it was clear, I could tell whether it needed a refill or not.

    The only problem was that it used a peizoelectric igniter. That was very convenient since it had no flint to wear out, but I found that it wouldn't ignite if the lighter was wet, or even moist.

    The only things I use a lighter for are for sealing ends of cut rope & string, and as a backup firestarter if my stove quits working. Some people use those little bic lighters, but there are mountaineering lighters that are supposedly windproof & waterproof. Places like REI sell them.
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    Default Windmill Lighter

    I use a Windmill Lighter that I picked up at REI's scratch and dent sale a couple years ago. I top it off with butane before each trip, but I also carry waterproof matches and a backup Bic lighter. I've never had the Windmill fail to light, even when I've been carrying it in my pack and not in my pants pocket.


    PS: Some cool info on the Windmill Lighter
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    Default Lighters

    I bought 10 of these

    Contacted the seller. Asked if I could buy 10 of these for 45 bucks and free shipping and they agreed. So I can put one in each snowmachine and fourwheeler. In my daypack and also keep one in my sheep hunting pack as well. I already through it in the sink for 5 mins and it started right up. This is the same seller I bought from so they may be willing to do the same deal again. Just seems like a better deal than only getting windmill lighter for the same price.

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    I hate "refillable" butane lighters. They're all junk. I've got a collection of them, some as expensive as $55.

    I carry a handful of Bic disposable lighters and a couple of good, old Zippos.

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    Looks to be of similar construction also! I think I may have to shoot him an e-mail...

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    Default Brunton Storm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark View Post
    I hate "refillable" butane lighters. They're all junk. I've got a collection of them, some as expensive as $55.

    I carry a handful of Bic disposable lighters and a couple of good, old Zippos.
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