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Thread: anybody know or have information about

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    Default anybody know or have information about

    a paperback book that I had in the 70`s called ( ALASKA ) by Don or Dan Sommers? Sanders? I lost the book . the author worked for the FFA in Alaska and was a pilot. he was there during the1964 earthQuake. I would sure like to find more information about him. thank`s in advance

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    Did he fly the DC-3's, C123's etc...that they have in the transportation museum? My dad flew the same birds in the late 70's and might know the author.

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    Default searching

    I don`t think he piloted DC 3`s or other big aircraft. he had I think a Piper club, and liked to hunt and fish. before he came to Alaska he was a cop somewhere . I am not the best on computers but I did search for his book and got nowhere. thank`s for your help.

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    Default Is this it?

    Wager with the Wind
    The Don Sheldon Story
    by James Greiner

    Eagle River

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    Default No I don`t think so

    I wished I never loaned the book out! I am going to keep on looking

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    Winging It.. Alaskan Aviation Pioneer, By Jack Jeffrod, He was FAA and flew all over.
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    Default Search is over I found it on the web

    The name is Dan Saunders Alaska Memoir of a Vanishing Frontier. thank`s


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