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Thread: Impertech rian gear

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    Default Impertech rian gear

    First I just got mine, awesome - I have never bought a new piece of gear where instantly I loved it and knew it was perfect like this. Ever. I cannot wait for rain now!

    Any way I hate no camo, I got green but still.....

    Do you think it would hurt it if I took a permanent black sharpie magic marker and made it a little camo? I am worried it might hurt the material.

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    I doubt it will hurt it any but i'd leave it the way it is. I've got that same color and it blends in rather well IMO. Your going to love that rain gear but please, don't start wishing for it to rain quite yet.........

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    Too late! to stop the wish, at least in Anchorage today. Even has a little snow mixed in over on the west side this morning.
    AK is right, no need to camo the green impertech, unless you really want to.


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