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    Hey Folks,

    I am interested in growing some "jack and beanstalk" size sunflowers on the west and south side of my home this year. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on seed type and should start now indoors or just plant in the soil around mid May to June 1st? Also do they like full sun and how moist should I keep them. I have never been able to grow them down here in Anchorage very tall although I grew some nice "Mammoth Grays" in Fairbanks, seven years ago. My friend's wife had some big ones a few years back but they were volunteers that fell out of the bird feeder. Go figure.


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    Ah, I have had those sunflower seeds grow by falling from the bird feeder as well. They actually grew to be nice plants!

    Usually I just buy whatever brand of Giant Sunflower seeds that are on sale at the time and they have always done very well. Right about now is when I start the seeds indoors to get the largest plants and flowers possible. Check out the instructions of the package for information on starting and watering.

    There are many folks who grow them in the Interior, but I really donít know how they might do in your area. Some friends of mine down on the Kenai say they canít grow them very well due to the cloudy, wet, cool summer weather there. Give it a try and see what happens. Then of course please let us all know how it turned out.

    Good luck,
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    I've grown them here in Juneau which is alot wetter. Right up against the house, good soil, south facing. Most of the time they grew to about 7ft. It seems to me that warmth is the answer, that's why right against the house....good luck!!!


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