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    Default Local knowledge

    Much to my surprise, I have the entire month of June to fish. I am finally a resident and can't wait for spring to get here. I was planning on trying to do a Halibut / Salmon charter down south (I'm in Fairbanks). I've started doing my research online, but I am hoping for some words of wisdom from some Alaska veterans.

    Thanks for any advice in advance.


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    try rodnreal charters for halibut they are at deep creek book now or u wont get a seat

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    Default Another option

    Here is another option for Ninilchik combo charters in June... try Chihuly Charters. They are one of the pioneer charters for the Ninilchik area and are the lowest in price for this year. I have fished with them on many occasions.

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    Default Are you flush with cash?

    If so, hop a flight from Fairbanks to Anchorage and then continue the hop to Kodiak. Notify Shawn Gornall of to hook you up with accommodations and salmon/halibut combo fish with him.

    Yeah, I know, greater cost. It all depends on your wallet and point of view. Though the spots on the mainland are good ones, I'll take Kodiak anytime simply because I know I'm on an island and surrounded by opportunity without all that traffic and all those people. The reds will be in the Buskin at that time as well.

    If I was sliding the trip on the cheap, I'd be spot-fishing the creeks and rivers down the Parks Highway and would probably go to Seward.

    Road Warrior or Sky Warrior? Both are terrific options depending on your point of view and the bulge of your wallett...

    "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"

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    Default Valdez

    if you are planning on driving down to get a charter, the trip to Valdez is closest to Fairbanks, and there are some good charters there. If flying, Fly into Anchorage and then drive seward, Deep Creek, Ninilchick or Homer and get a charter. regardless, you need to book now or all the boats will be full. If going to Seward, try Profish-n-sea. I don't know any of the other guys but most Skippers will get you on some fish. If you wait until after 1 July you can keep Ling-Cod which are really good eating.

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    Default The drive to Valdez

    Is absolutely beautiful and there's less traffic on the Richardson Highway than on the Parks during the summer. There are lots of alpine lakes and streams along the way to stop and wet a line for grayling.

    In fact, I suggest you check out the Delta Clearwater as you pass through Delta for some fantastic grayling fishing (and good silver fishing later in the fall).

    Plus you could also hit the Gulkana for kings as well as the Klutina, although the Klutina is harder to fish because of the strong current.

    Last time I was in Valdez I went out with North Country Charters and had a great day catching halibut. Check with Fish Central when you know your approximate dates and they can help get you on a charter if you want.

    I like Valdez a lot, but haven't been there as often since I moved from Fairbanks to Wasilla.



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