I took my kids and a small army of friends up to my cabin in Noatak Nat Park last weekend for a weekend of skiing, wood gathering and just fun in the sun! In a matter of 48 hours 4+ feet of perfect snow turned into liquid mush. Snow machining went from unlimited fun to a nightmare. We were returning to the cabin through a small river and a lake on Sunday and we punched through 2 feet of sloppy overflow and the kids were knee deep in the wet stuff while riding the basket-sled and I was hot on the gas.

We have lost about 25 inched of snow cover in the past 4 days and the whole white world has turned to liquid! Dam I hate break up!

Thatís your report from NW Alaska! By the way we saw 100ís of healthy caribou a momma moose with a big calf at her side and 2 bears! Come on Fall!

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