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Thread: 600 YD match Ft Rich 26 April

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    Default 600 YD match Ft Rich 26 April

    There will be a Mid-Range match on Saturday, April 26 at the Ft. Richardson Pedneau Range. Sign up time will be 8:00 AM. This will be a 45 shot for record match plus sighters. There will be 15 shots for record at 300, 500, and 600 yards all slow fire prone. For the mid-range prone category you must shoot off a sling but you can use a scope or "Any Sights". F Class is also welcome and they will have their own targets but round count and time will be the same. Match fee is $20. Everyone is required to sign up in the parking lot adjacent to Pedneau.

    The Army range control has taken a firm stand on range rules. There will be no personal vehicles other than the target trailer or the emergency designated vehicle down near the berms. So, either you have to carry your equipment or put it in the emergency vehicle. If you are confronted by Range Control, whatever you do, don't talk back. Comply with instructions and direct them to the OIC or RSO who will take care of the problem. Apparently we will be under close scrutiny so we will have to mind our P's and Q's.

    By the way, thanks to Pat Tipton for running the line last Saturday.

    Lee Watne



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    Craparoni! I just had flippin back surgery or I would drag a couple of the Swede Mausers up there... In fact after this heals up I am wondering if my heavy recoil days are over..?
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