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Thread: Heading for Homer

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    I'm planning on leaving Anchorage for Homer Thursday morning, hope to be able to get out in a small boat. Plan is to troll for Kings in the am and look for Halibut later. Can anyone give me pointers on tolling for Kings, how deep etc. Thanks, Ken
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    I could help you with halibut but I've had no luck with kings. Did you shoot me a PM earlier? For some reason it showed up in my email but when I clicked to come here it wasn't here. Get it to me again if you can. I probably won't be able to make it down this weekend. I need to do some work on the boat trailer before it's first trip/second trip down.

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    when trolling watch your sounder! fish will come up some to your bait but if it below them they may not see it. troll slow through some fish if you get no hits circle slowly around back into the school and stop the boat you should pick up a few if your bait is close to them. has always worked for me even when they are not chasing the bait. it makes it an easy meal for lazy fish.jeff


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