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    I leave for my bear hunt tomorrow. Some people had inquired awhile back about the CZ550 in 375 H&H I had purchased. Once I got sighted in, the attached result was typical for 3 shot groups at 100m. Load is a factory round from Double Tap ammo. 300 grain nosler partition, 2550 fps (advertised) - I don't have a chrono to verify. I have a 300 grain Failsafe load that was looser at hundred meters but was better at 200m than the Nosler load. I'm bringing both, but plan on using the Nosler load.

    Rifle handles well, but is heavy - so don't expect long shots unless from sticks/rest. I have the Safari Magnum with the European hogsback style stock not the American style stock, so when firing from hunting positions the rifle rotates up rather than pushing straight back into your shoulder. My two cents, it can sting a little after awhile from the bench, but is pleasant to shoot from normal hunting positions.
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    Thanks for sharing and good luck on your hunt.

    The couple of 375 H-H I have shot were both good shooters. The first was my dads rem 700 LH BDL. I also owned one at one time that I shot an Elk with in Colorado. The one in my avatar. My rifle was a Sako AV blued synthetic stock.
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