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Thread: equipment for a newbie?

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    Default equipment for a newbie?

    I find myself taking a lot of outdoorsie pictures these past few years. Once in a while I get a few good photos, but I'd like to step it up; I'd like to take a class or read a book on photography as well as pick up some new equipment. For a few years I used a digital Canon point & click, a snorkeling case for it, and a cheap portable tripod.

    Now my camera's kicked the bucket and I'm shopping around for a new one. Any tips? Three things I'd like are good optical zoom, a wide-angle lens, and watertightness. I don't know if I'm ready for SLR. I used to own Photoshop and used it to touch up & recrop a lot of my photos, but I'd rather take good pictures to begin with rather than fix them later.
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    Default cameras...

    Sony has a H7 model out now that is awesome. I almost bought one a few months back. Decided to get a DSLR instead. I am glad I did. Doing so opened up a whole new world. I got the Canon 40D and love it. All the different lenses and filters that you can use on a DSLR create lots of options. Lots of other advantages too. But the lens selection is what sold me on the idea over the point and shoots that I had been using. The Canon Xti is extremely popular. Got my brother one a few weeks back. Great camera. But if you don't want a DSLR, take a look at the Sony H7. Nice camera. Below is a link to a review. Notice at the top there is a white box with "Introduction" in it. That is page one of about 10. Click there to change the page to see the full review. Below that is a link to B&H (best site to buy from).

    Check out these forums... Great Canon only forum. Tons of info!! Take a look at the Canon and Nature forums.

    Post some questions on these forums. You will get a dozen or more answers the first day.
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    Olympus has several waterproof cameras that you can swim with and even shoot underwater, but they all take those miserable little xD cards that still cost too much, and they only use their proprietary lithium ion batteries.

    Just today I read on that Ricoh just announced a water & shock proof camera that takes the preferred SD cards and when the lithium ion battery dies you can substitute AAA batteries in it. I think I'm going to get me one.

    BTW, I have a Canon 40D as well as a few others, but one can never have too many cameras. Besides, they all are better at some things.

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    Excellent, I appreciate all the info. I'm currently in Seattle, so it should be easy to check out floor models when I go shopping. It looks like memory prices are about a tenth what they were last time I shopped for a camera.

    Hopefully I'll be posting again this summer with a lot of (hopefully decent) scenery pics.
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