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Thread: Float Time on the Kanektok

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    Default Float Time on the Kanektok

    How long does it take to float to the Kanektok from Pegati/Kagati to Quinhagak? I'm looking to do this in September and this will be my first float.

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    well - good question - I am doing it for the first time also this year - and budgeted 9 days/8 nights.

    The info I have from other people who have been there is that it is better to have more time fishing than less, due to the potential for weather delays/effects on river levels at that time. From what I understand, there's alot of good fishing in the middle third at braids and tributary confluences (upstream of a weir, that jetboats can't get to) and I'd like to do at least that part at a leisurely pace, without having to hussle at the end.

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    We did the goodnews river last sept and stayed for 10 days. I still would have enjoyed a couple more. I think your river is comparable or just a little longer.

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    Default river time

    I floated it 5 years ago now I think.
    took a full 7 days.
    camped at the lakes the first night.
    there were caribou there then. we saw a herd of 200 plus swim that little narrow part that separates the two lakes from one anouther.
    lots of bears.. Brownies of course.
    Silver Salmon spawning in the water around the lake.
    floated out in 7 days and 6 nights.
    easy float thru some nice areas. you may have to drag a bit at the beginning as it is very shallow at the lakes.
    The Rainbow fishing was very good, and grayling every cast if you just wanted to catch a fish at will..
    the biggest bow was around 26 in
    some decent Char also.
    the Silvers were about toast though.
    this was sept Moose trip time
    Not really a great moose trip, but excellent fishing.
    we took one moose and some caribou.
    had to call alot that trip. the Bears were really everywhere.
    No Calve Moose. All the moose we saw were old cows, no yearlings or the younger bulls.. Bears, Bears Bears.. In one day of floating we saw 6 different bears, with over 20 seen on that trip.. we found a caribou half dead on a sand had an encounter with a bear, had somehow escaped, but not for long, as he had damaged her terminally. she was eaten that night....
    overall very nice and scenic. the weather was decent that year.
    some winds at the lower parts of the river.
    wished I would have brought along my little 3 hp Evinrude to push against the wind the last two days..
    there are several fishing camps along the way down river.
    some hunters also in power boats..
    Not as pristine when you are dealing with the power boats coming by.
    When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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    Thanks Alaskacanoe. That is some great info.

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    kusko and stevesch, i pm'd you guys with questions on your float, if you did one. thanks

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    Default Kanektok

    I was on the river in mid August of this year. I agree with what has been said in the previous posts. Here are the details from our trip.

    Dropped off at the lakes in mid afternoon on Monday, arrived in Quinhagak early afternoon the following Sunday. 7 days on the water:

    14 - brown bears
    4 - caribou
    0 - moose
    Countless Dollies (literally, every cast in some spots)
    Lots of Rainbows (largest around 25-26 inches)
    some Grayling

    We saw very few people on the river and enjoyed the trip tremendously. Water was a little low, so had to drag early as was mentioned. High water at some point in the year had cut a few new channels mid river and made for some interesting decisions regarding which channel to take.

    Trip could be done a little quicker but I would say this is about the minimum amount of time you want to spend "on the water" and still enjoy yourself .

    Happy to go into more detail if you would like. PM me with any questions you may have.


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