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Thread: Wading boots suggestions

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    Default Wading boots suggestions

    Looking for a couple suggestions for wading boots to wear mainly for just walking the rivers on top of breathables.
    I used to use old hiking boots, but the leather holds water for a long time & eventually becomes heavy & the saltwater seems to wear them. Had a pair of cabelas with felt soles but they are a pain to put on & I seem to loose balance to often when hiking in them, especially when climbing up & down banks. I use oversize bunny boots in the winter sometimes which seem to due well but you don’t want to walk to far.
    So I am hoping to hear from some that have found a boot they like & seems to work well.
    I have heard some people say they use x-tra tuffs or alpha burlys, that may be a good option to consider.
    Thanks for any suggestions or ideas.

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    Default Simms

    Simms Freestone ($79) felt soles were a great, stable wading boot for me, at a good price. I replaced them with Chota STL felt soles 2 yrs ago - a lighter, wider boot which suits me better for hiking - and have done well since I relaced with Simms laces (replacing the Quick Laces which kept breaking). Cabela's has both. I think Mtn View has both. McAfee's has both.

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    I'm gonna try xtra tuffs this year they are great on rocks and I've got a few old pairs around. I have used pack boots and taken out the liners they worked ok.. Also loose fitting non skid soft soled work shoes have worked for me.

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    Thumbs up Korkers

    Get the new Korkers guide boots and I believe you will be happy. They are half the weight, with the cable system are easy on and off and feature a variety of interchangeable soles for different conditions. They are a few dollars more, but in my opinion, are well worth the long term investment.


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