We have been asked by some of the members to start doing some posts with product information. With that in mind here is a bit on the Pentax PF80ED:
The key to the high performance of the PF-80ED is that it uses those great big Pentax eyepieces originally designed for astronomical telescopes. Pentax was well-known as a leader in that field long before they got the bright idea of mating these outstanding eyepieces with regular terrestrial spotting scopes. Optics used for astronomy have to resolve pinpoint light sources (i.e., stars), so you know this is really sharp glass.
At the rifle range this scope is a dream, as good or better than any scope there is at resolving small bullet holes at however many yards/meters downrange. Hunting, you can glass through it all day without developing a migraine or going cross-eyed. Itís a little lighter than a lot of full-size spotters, so itís easier than most to pack around. In terms of image quality for the buck you canít beat it.
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