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Thread: Looking for Good quality cured Roe?

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    Default Looking for Good quality cured Roe?

    Anyone know where I can get some good quality cured roe around anchorage. I don't want the normal store bought stuff, it sucks. I am looking for about 2-5 pounds. I usually cure my own but used all I had on silvers last year.

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    Default Alaska Bait

    Call Summer at Alaska Bait / 562-2248

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    Default craigs list

    I saw an add on craigslist for some @ $18 lb

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    Default Thanks for the Alaska Bait Tip!

    I went down to alaska bait and got some good quality cured roe. You can buy the 8 oz vacumn sealed packages for 4.75 and the 16oz tubs for 8.00. The vacumn sealed stuff is a lot drier of course. But both look like great buys. I have seen 8oz at fred meyers for like 9.75 or something. You can buy two of theirs for that price. Hopefully in another month I won't need to buy anymore. Make my own again. Thought I would share for anyone looking for early season bait.


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