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    I will be spending some time around POW Island in May and June and am wondering if Diesel is available on the dock at Point Baker ?

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    Can't recall if they had diesel, but about 5 years ago I bought a couple gallons of water, which had about 20 gallons of gas in it. If ya follow my drift....

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    Default point baker

    Email Herb and ask him. Tell him Dean from Ketchikan says hi.

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    Default fuel

    Back in the nineties when I was fishing out there there was usally fish buying barge a little north of there that had ice and fuel. Also just south of there is Port Protection a small community that had ice fuel and a small general store. Never had any fuel problems with them. Its only a couple hours south and around the corner from pt baker. Tie up in Port Protection then take a skiff thru the cut at high tide and have a quick couple beers at the bar then race back thru the cut just as the tide starts going out. Also take a skiff up farther int the bay it goes for miles lots of bear and deer on the beaches. Its a giant intertidal lagoon that goes for miles. They should have fuel in may and june out there. Look up port protection in the phone book. By the way watcha doin out there wish I was going.

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    we will be bear hunting,fishing,crabbing,shrimping and just goofin around


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