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    I purchased a new 520s, and am trying to figure out the chips for southcentral ak- apparently there are two different bluechart chips for S.C. AK, one is alaska regular, and one is bathymetric. it sounds like bathymetric is more detail - fishing orientated - can I go straight to that chip, or, do I have to "load" info from the "alaska regular" chip first?

    does anyone else have any experience with this?

    the 520s doesnt come with any preprogrammed charts-

    it was a great weekend in PWS! collected 140 shrimp, did a little exploring, good time for deer scouting I thought and looked around for tracks somewhat. Had a close encounter with the porpoises too - they come right up to the boat too check you out - you can see them so well when the water is completly flat.

    there is still a TON of snow down there - the harbor said they will have both launches open next weekend and they are bringing in a snow removal crew also - for more parking.


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    Get the G2 Vision card. That is all you will ever need for that unit and more. get the Anchorage to Juneau one, it covers kodiak up to anchorage, and all the way down to Juneau. If you need different areas, i think alaska large covers that, plus up into bristol bay and such.

    theres a link to the different options. I recommend the ANchorage to Juneau if you're fishing southcentral. It will cover all of PWS, homer, Seward and anywhere near there.

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    Default thanks!

    thanks griff


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