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Thread: Hunting with a inflatable canoe w/ an outboard??

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    Default Hunting with a inflatable canoe w/ an outboard??

    I know there are alot of Pro Pioneer users out there that might check the "hunting" section and not the "canoeing" so I posted this here. Anyway.......

    I have the S-16 model (pre-cursor to the Pro-Pioneer) and curious to how it might perform with say a 4 hp outboard. I would like to float some small creeks that empty into bigger interior rivers. The idea being that I fire up the motor when I hit the bigger river and go upstream (loaded with a moose) to a village or airstrip to be flown home. Is this reasonable - going upstream in a inflatable canoe with a 4 hp loaded with a moose on a bigger river??? Anyone done it??? Anyone have any experience with outboards (what size) on SOAR canoes?? Thanks,


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    I have a Pro "P", and love it to death! That being said however, I do employ it with in it's means. I know that "they" say you can run a small out board on those types of boats, but I would recommend against it unless you are just using it for recreation out on the lake, etc... Reason, you are starting out with a max of 1500lbs carrying capacity(class of water and experience will determine if you can carry the max, vs the max you can carry). The maneuverability of all inflateables begins to deminish as the lbs get added. So with one guy(200lbs ave), 450lbs of gear depending on type and duration of hunt, plus your moose(Meat bags full of Moose in my opinion will about "Max Out" a Pro "P"'s available carrying space, even though you may still not have reached the max weight capacity). Make sence? Depending on how well you manage your load, you would most likely have about enought space left for a bear hide or some sheds you may find. So, in my opinion, I would not go with a motor. I feel the added weight would compromise my proven plan for weight and space management. No bang for the buck! Let alone, have you seen the gas prices lately? I would key in on any opportunity to travel completely gas free right about now.
    If a meat drop has you concerned, then I would study the area, and see if it is possible to get a bird in along your route on a gravel bar etc.., as opposed to traveling upstream to a vil to make this happen.(If I read your plan in your post right).... If your still wanting to use an inflateable with a motor, you could check out the "JET RANGER" that is available in Anchorage. I checked it out at the outdoor show, and I thought it was pretty neat. Jim King (the sales rep) has a video of it and it's capabilities. I'm sure if you e-mail him, he can answer any of your questions. Hope this helps! Take care and good luck............
    Be safe, and enjoy your time outdoors!
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