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    Exclamation Yukon River

    Hey guys,

    Looking for some information/tips on rafting the Yukon. We are thinking about floating from the Dalton HWY bridge to Tanana. From the looks of it you would think its easy but it's Alaska. We are thinking around 135 miles and 5 days. How fast does the river move (MPH, Rapids, etc)? Are there any places to watch out for? Would this be a trip for only those with years of practice? I have done 2-3 trips on easy to mild rivers with no issues. It would be around June or July so hunting is not a factor, just looking for something to do. Thanks for the info!!!


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    Try this to start:

    Searching these forums may find more.

    Good luck.

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    Default ambitious

    a 135 is 5 days sounds very ambitious. Are you going to have a motor? At 27 mile a day you wont had time to see the sights let alone tired muscles from non stop rowing. I'm not the expert but I rowed all day for a few days tring to make it to a take out and didn't cover 27 miles in one day let alone doing it 5 in a row. Maybe Mike or Jim might chime in on this.

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    Default definetly ambitious

    i'd agree thats an ambitious goal...

    i've rafted down near Tanana, it was easy going for us but i've heard from a few people before going that the winds can be brutal at times in a few places and 2-4 mph is best you can do if you're rowing the whole time. one guy told me on their trip they couldn't get downriver due to wind from noon till late evening on one stretch of river.

    by my gps i think the best speeds we were getting near tanana (and rowing a bunch) were 8mph or so.

    that being said, i'd think you only have to worry about certian stretches of the river, most of the Yukon i've been on has been moving pretty fast....

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    Default Many times on that stretch

    The river is very easy to navigate. I've done it 13-14 times since 1981 (but in a powerboat). Water depth/rapids will not be a problem, but your primary concern will be floaters/debris if the water is high. River can get rough if wind is howling against current (I've seen 3-4 foot chop). Mostly a very tame stretch of water. Outboard is highly recommended due to the approx 4 kt current. Hope that helps.


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