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Thread: Stabilize AvGas?

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    Default Stabilize AvGas?

    I am going to leave my airplane in the hangar for the next few (four to six) months. I keep it fully fueled at all times and have more than a couple hundred dollars worth of 100LL in the wing tanks. What is the best way to stabilize the fuel and get the plane in flyable storage?

    I have only a few days to get this done so timely replies will be very much appreciated.


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    Default Stabilize Avgas

    I have left my plane in the hangar for that time frame (many times) and have had no problems w/o any stabilazation to the fuel. My A.M.E. instructed me that it was not necessary however, that the tanks must be completely full. He also does a fuel check prior to my aircraft going back into service in accordance to the P.O.H.
    Hope this helps. Good luck and keep your wings level!

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    Smile no need

    I was told that 100ll was a very stabile fuel by many mechs. I know many folks that leave thier planes full of fuel for the winter and never have problems. My father has done this with his C-180 for 20+ years and never had a problem. The tanks weren't always full either. If anything, I would be more worried about corosion in the cylinders, crank, and possiblly the cam. Talk to your mechanic about it, what does he suggest.

    And worst case, leave me the key, I'll start it, warm it up for ya, and take it around the patch if ya need me to!!!

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    av gas is pre stabilized and garenteed to keep rated octane for 5 years


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