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Thread: 580 Mini-14 feeding problems

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    Default 580 Mini-14 feeding problems

    This is a new response to an older thread regarding Ruger 580 series Ranch Rifles having feeding problems with Hi-Caps mags.
    I took mine out to the ranch today in unfired condition. I had 2 used Ruger made 20 rounders, 2 Eagle Industries 30 round polycarbonate mags and a 20 round new Pro mag steel magazine. I fired 300 rounds out of it, more for feeding and break-in rather then refined accuracy. The two Ruger mags performed flawlessly, in spite of looking pretty rough. The Pro mag had one failure to feed out of 60 rounds and that was in the first loading. The Eagle mags worked as well as the Rugers. In other words, I had no real problems with a new 580 series Ranch Rifle starting as unfired with mostly new mags. I honestly think that any problems with the new 580 series must be considered as an individual firearm problem, ammo problem or bad mags. I am happy with my Mini-14, and did manage several 1" groups +/- at 50 yards with a 2-7 scope mounted. I am curious to see how it does after some basic work is done on the gritty heavy trigger and some experimenting with some of my favorite loads.

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    I'm agreeing with you. I had a few magazines that wouldn't feed well with my 580 series but they were pretty cheaply made in comparison to the Ruger mags. I have 5 Ruger 20 rounders and they all work fine. Brownells techs tell me that they will guarantee that all of there after market mags will work in the 580 or its money back no questions asked.

    My trigger is as yours is. I can't make up my mind if I should give it a go on my own or just send it off to Accuracy Systems. Since the trigger group is all self contained I'm thinking I could just send it off. If my memory serves me correctly they get around $60 to turn it into a single stage 4 pound trigger.

    1 inch @ 50 yds translates into a dead coyote at 200 every time.

    Its kind of funny and its a standing joke around here. Dad what do you want for your birthday? Answer 223 shells! Dad what do you want for fathers day? Answer 223 shells! Dad what for Christmas? 223 shells! Anniversary? 223 shells! Easter? A basket full of 223 shells. Darn things just don't last!

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    Default Mini-14 trigger

    I actually found all but one of my fired cases. The Mini threw them all about twenty five or so feet to the right and back, about where I figured. I was shooting from a big batch of rounds that I had loaded in LC 05, 06 and 07 cases with Win srp, Hornady 55 gr. fmj cannelured and 26.0 grains of BL-C2, not a max load but decent. .223 cases? As many as I can get!

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    I don't care what anybody says about the mini-14 trigger, send it off to have the work done. It will cost you far more to fix, when you screw it up, than 60.00.
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    Big Al..Oh ye of little faith....come to think of it I might have botched a project or two in my day!

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    Default Local guy

    There's a smith here in Anchorage, Vince Baldauf at Precision Arms who knows Minis like nobody's business. I'll give him a call and keep it in the family. Just redoing the trigger will make a real difference. That and shooting it a lot more.

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    Default Mini-14 Trigger work

    Sending the trigger group is ok, but there's no reason you can't do it yourself.
    I have an older wood top, ranch rifle, and have done that trigger, plus a few more for other guys. the trick is to be patient and go slow and easy. No dremel cutting or grinding tools, only use a buffing wheel when done stoning.
    It ain't rocket science.

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    Whelenator; That was my thinking! Besides I just looked in my Brownells catalog and they have the Accuracy Systems adjustable trigger listed at $79 (my cost is $63 and change). So if I screw it up its 15 minutes to Brownells!

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    Your right Whelenator,it was pretty simple. The two stage pull was nothing more than lots and lots of sear engagement. So much engagement in fact that I started with a fine mill file and then when it started getting close I switched to a polishing stone.

    Prior to separating the two haves of the trigger mechanism I looked it over good so was aware of the fact that the little coil spring that fits in the indentation in the back of the trigger could easily loose itself. So I used extra caution as I compressed this spring and pushed out the cylindrical pin. I did everything right but dropped that gish dern little spring anyway! Finding it cost me a half hour but other than that the whole project took about an hour. I had the gun apart and back together a half a dozen times because I didn't want to remove to much material all at once( ya can always take more off but ya can't put it back on once its been removed).

    In the end the trigger has ever so little creep and breaks clean @ 4 lbs. I'm going to shoot it as is a while then decide if that tad bit of creep is worth going after! It is a 100% improvement over the long gritty pull that it did have!


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