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    Default cooking in the stand

    hey guys...I got a question about baiting...I have some buddies who have burned honey and had a lot of success that way but have any yall actually cooked a steak or a hamburger up in the stand while hunting? I plan on living in a tree for the month of June so I was looking to eat while I was up there...and whats better than eating a steak and waiting for a bear...feel free to tell me I'm stupid and don't have a chance or if you have any stories post away...



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    Default bacon...

    I know a lot of people that cook bacon in there stands instead of doing burns. I would think that as long as you can keep the noise down you'd be good to go.

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    Default YEP

    Try a smoked sausage with honey BBQ sauce on the hibachi, that should get some attention. If it don't at least you'll have a good lunch.
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    Default Month in the stand ?

    My a&& hurts thinking about it !!! I spent 5 nights in the trees last year with friends and had great success. First year baiting, I have a lot to learn. However, my stand is verrrry comfy. Carpet, roof etc. let your mind wander. We cook bear crack and anything else we want. I think this may make old educated bears avoid it while hunting, however we still killed several blackies over 6 feet in May. We might be doing something right. I had more fun watching the bears than I thought possible. I cant wait to get my bait out again. The snow is still too deep. We urinated off the back of the stand and this did not seem to bother them, but I dont know for sure they still came in. I wonder if there were bigger bears that were cautious and did not come in ??? Either way we had fiun and all arrowed bears. I also hung up a t-shirt with my 3 day stench in the stand for the time I was not in the stand. I think this helped, the game cam had 154 photos in 3 days between baiting mostly different bears; Browns, Blacks, Sows, cubs, boars, all were HUNGRY. Location is critical to success. Good luck!
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