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Thread: Best fishing holster for Ruger SRH 454 7.5"??

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    Default Best fishing holster for Ruger SRH 454 7.5"??

    Looked at a few online but can't check them out in person. Any opinion on a chest holster that will be comfortable wearing under waders?

    Also, the Alaskan Sportsman and the Grizzly Tuff look very similar. Any benefit of one over the other?



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    Default Uncle Mikes Sidekick

    It's cheap, Padded nylon, mine is a #3, probably a couple inches short for your SRH, but my 357, 454 and even my 45 auto fit in there securely. I have worn it with waders, but more under the parka to keep snow out.
    Stands up to all hiking and pretty serious snow machining, pistol snapped in snug yet easy to retrieve. Fairly comfortable with shoulder harness and snaps around your belt to anchor it opposite side of pistol

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    Default Holsters

    Looked at those others, they seem kinda big.

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    Default Simply rugged

    I have a couple of uncle mikes holsters, and they work ok, but a while ago I stumbled upon Simply Rugged Holsters. The guy is based out of wasilla (I read about it in an article written by John Taffin) and I went out on a limb and bought a holster from him and WHAT A BEAUTY!!!!! Absolutely would buy another one. Check him out at

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    I've been very happy with the Alaska Sportsman's Products chest holster. Works very well with my 4" N frames and Bowen 4" Redhawk 500 Linebaugh.


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