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    A good buddy of mine died about 8 years ago and his wife sold all of his gun room I thought. When I got home from work tonight there was a plastic tub sitting by the back door with a note on it reading "if you can use this stuff, your welcomed to it if not then pitch it".

    Inside the box was a brand new set of 6mm/284 dies, 2 unopened cans of IMR 4831 and 10 unopened boxes of Hornady 70 gr Spire Points. Mike died while this project was in its infancy. I don't know what became of the rifle this project was centered on.

    A few weeks ago I made a post concerning several guns and the post was in regards to what to keep and what to pilfer. I ended up keeping a real nice Winchester model 70 in 243. This gun was new in 1974 and probably has less than a box of shells through it. The jeweling on the bolt looks new.

    You already know where this is going don't ya? Is a simple chamber ream job all thats required to turn this 243 into the 6mm-284? The magazine opening is just a tad over 3 inches so length shouldn't be an issue. However the 284 case has a girth that is .030 wider than that of the 243. Will this cause magazine stacking issues or feeding issues?

    It seams to me that there was a certain vintage of these push feed 70's that had issues. Like maybe right after US Repeating Arms took over. I can remember that Winchester shipped Luepold bases and rings with some of these guns because most scopes didn't have enough windage adjustment to offset the misaligned factory drilled scope mount holes. Did those rifles have US Repeating Arms stamped on the barrel? Mine doesn't. Anybody remember this?

    Thanks for the help!

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    I happen to have built several 6-284's but never on a Win 70 action. This round shoots like a lazer and performs well at long ranges. My existing rifle has a 1-8 twist, and I use VLD style bullets. The drawback to this is that the long bullets have to be seated deeply into the case reducing capacity. I however choose to build on long a action eliminating this problem. I can't see that the case dimension would would cause a stacking problem, however the rails may have to be opened up slightly to allow for the fatter case. You will also loose one round in the mag capacity(PROBABLY). With the Seirra 85grn BTHP mine would erradacate prairie poodles fairly consistantly at 600 or so yards,and the whitetails I shot with it never took another step out to 300 yds.
    The VLD style bullets extended the range but dramatically reduced initial velocity, on my new rifle with the 1-8 twist( weighs 15 1/2 lbs).
    Great round, enjoy !!
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    Nate made one on a savage 110. works good.
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