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Thread: Taking new boat to Whittier

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    Default Taking new boat to Whittier

    Hey we are taking our new boat to Whittier on Saturday for a lil fishing and shrimping. Has anyone been out and about in Prince William Sound? Anyone doing any good? Oh and does anybody know anything about the boat ramp? Anything I should be worried about? thanks
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    If you haven't launched a Whittier before you may want to do a little thread searching on the power boating section of the forum. The bigger the boat the more precaution needed. East ramp has exposed rebar and a nasty drop off the end. High to mid tide lauches are best. Weather forecast is for considerable warm up this weekend so ice on the ramp shouldn't be too bad. Parking is likely to become a problem soon given the amount of snow piled everywhere. Good luck and have a safe maiden voyage.


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