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Thread: Montana Alaska Flyfishing Trip Swap

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    Default Montana Alaska Flyfishing Trip Swap

    Anyone up for a flyfishing trip swap?

    I can pretty much guarantee 100-200 cutthroats a day on dry flys in the 12-17" range if you are a descent caster and fisher. This would assume good weather. Fishing would still be good in bad weather with nymphs and wets, just not quite as productive or pleasant. You would need to be in good enough shape to hike 11 miles in a day with about a 50-60 lb pack in steep up and down mountain country. Best time of year would be Aug.

    I could also provide some good golden trout fishing but not quite the same numbers. Last summer I caught about 100 rainbow, rainbow golden hybrids and and goldens, including an 18 inch golden in 2 partial days of fishing. I had about a 22 inch golden charge my fly and turn several times. There are record size goldens at this location. This trip is real steep country requiring traversing skree and talus. Best time of year would be early July.

    I would be able to provide transportation, tents, packs and all camping gear...did I mention these are backpacking trips?

    In exchange, I would really like to fish Dollies on the North Slope or whatever. I would also be interested in hunting caribou or moose or whatever.

    Good Fishin,


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    If you would be interested in a Northern Saskatchewan trip swap, let me know



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