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    Default cooking shrimp

    I will be spending May thru July on our boat in SE and wondering how you guys cook your shrimp seems like last time we boiled them whole for 6 min? then cooled and washed down with cold beer on the beach.
    Is this the preffered way?

    Thanks Larry

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    6 minutes is too long. If you want to get the proper texture and taste, boil for 3-4 minutes TOPS. I've really gotten into grilling mine lately, though. Make a mixture of equal parts butter and lime juice. Add lots of freshly minced garlic and a few shots of tequila. Baste the shrimp while they grill for 4-5 minutes. Enjoy.

    We've also done a lot of coconut shrimp in the past. Dip in beer batter, roll in coconut, deep fry for 2-3 minutes, enjoy.

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    Thumbs up Ama-ebi!

    uh... how come you're cooking them? <grin>
    actually, a cool treat is to take the heads, dip them in panko breading and fry them crispy.
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    Default rubber shrimp

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian M View Post
    6 minutes is too long. If you want to get the proper texture and taste, boil for 3-4 minutes TOPS. .
    Brian is very right on this, 3-4 minutes is plenty of time. Many make the mistake of overcooking shrimp out of fear of undercooking them, giving them a rubbery and dry texture. Your basic rule is to cook until no longer translucent, this happens quickly. As for how too, that is up to your taste; as long as you do not overcook them they will be good. On a high grill it's usually about one to 1 and a half minutes per side. steaming can be done in camp but boiling is easier, just remember the flavor of the water is going to be absorbed by the shrimp. When I use a commercial seasoning I prefer "Old Bay" but that is an east coast thing so I am not sure if that is available in Alaska. Beer is always good to cook with. I don't really have any recipes, I just cook, I wish I could be more specific.

    How ever you choose to do it I am sure they will be good as long as that are not overcooked.



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    I agree, if in camp boil but not to long. Yes, you can get old bay in anchorage, I use it all the time for my crab boils. Also for a treat after cooking them you could make devils butter. butter, dijonmustard, hot sauce and lemon. Good for scallops too. Gee, now I am hungry

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    Default Pro Trick

    Fill your pot 2/3 with cold water.

    Open a jar of pickling spice and carefully empty it in the trash, making sure it never gets near your pot. Save or discard jar.

    Add salt and pepper to your water, and 1/2 a lemon if you feel like it. Bring water to a roiling boil and add your shrimp.

    Return it to a boil, and as soon as the first bubble pops drain the shrimp.

    I've probably cooked a literal ton of shrimp this way, and never had it fail.

    Having said that, I'm with Dave; Ama-ebi is my favorite sushi. Of course, I also sucked crawfish heads when I lived in Louisiana.

    Step two is optional, by the way.

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    Default Floating

    I just boil water with a little salt. Drop them in and as soon as they float I scoop them out.

    First pull on Saturday. Went out today and the new impellar was not quite pushing the water I liked. So dissemable Sat. morning.

    Actually, good clear sea water is great for boiling them in.

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    Thank You !


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