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Thread: New Hand Held GPS Tracking Unit

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    Default New Hand Held GPS Tracking Unit

    A new unit tracks you and send coordinates to a Google Map and can be viewed on internet. Additionally, it has a 911 function. Posted an brief explanation from their website.

    With the SPOT Satellite Messenger, you and your loved ones have peace of mind knowing help is always within reach. SPOT is the only device of its kind, using the GPS satellite network to acquire its coordinates, and then sending its location – with a link to Google Maps™ – and a pre-programmed message via a commercial satellite network. And unlike Personal Locator Beacons, SPOT does more than just call for help. Tracking your progress, checking in with loved ones, and non-emergency assistance are also available, all at the push of a button. And because it uses 100% satellite technology, SPOT works around the world – even where cell phones don't.

    Here is the link:

    I think this is a great new product.

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    Default We have been there

    Just do a search. It has been discussed in detail in a couple of the forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daveinthebush View Post
    Just do a search. It has been discussed in detail in a couple of the forums.
    I don't want to put words in your mouth Dave but I think what you meant was "BEATEN TO DEATH IN NUMEROUS OTHER THREADS!!!!!!!!!"

    Lets discuss something original like the merits of the 10mm(.44, .357, .460, etc) for bear defense


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