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Thread: .300 savage and RE15

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    Default .300 savage and RE15

    Anyone use RE15 in their 300 Savage? I have inherited a pile of 150 core lokt and I have plenty of re 15. Speer state that re 15 gave increased velocity over other powders but only list for 165 and 180. They state 40-44 for 165s. I thought of starting at 40 grains in my M99 with the 150s. I don't want to drive in to town for more 4895.

    Whilst we are here does anyone use a m99 300sav and what are your favourite loads?


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    I think Speer is right. RL-15 and the 165 at 44.0 grains and 180's at 43.0 grains are top velocities and very low SD numbers from a 21" 300 Savage of mine. This is a case full of powder. RL-15 is a little slow burning to give the highest velocity with the 150 grainers. If you can seat the bullet out a little and get 46.0 grains in the case with the 150's that will be it. I have always like to fill the case, but RL-15 is at it's best with heavier bullets in this case. I always liked RL-12 for the 150's at 45.0 grains. All these loads are max. If you have Vihta 140, that's a good 150 grain powder for the 300 Sav. Some day I'm gonna try that 10X powder in this little jewel. I have a 308 Marlin coming in a 14" pistol, same show different package. 10X works well in the MX.

    I hope I caught ya before you hitched up the team and drove all the way to the village fer supplies. How do ya like the old Savage?
    Is there nothing so sacred on this earth that you aren't willing to kill or die for?

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    Smile Thanks Murphy

    Well funny you should mention the team. The **$@% HORSE damaged the paddock/fence/pocket book and I didn't get to enjoy my two hours at the range last Sunday that I was looking forward to. Consequently i had time to buy some 4895 as i was at the store buying replacements for items broken by the nag. Lucky for him that I didn't have a selection of freshly loaded 300 savage rounds in my hand at the time! I reminded him that I lived in France for a short time and have no qualms about throwing some cheval on the barbeque! .............I digress.

    As for the Savage I love the way it carries, comes to the shoulder and cycles the next round almost without you knowing you did it. I use it with open sights for late season mulie stalking in the forest where shots are 40-80 yds. I get 1.5-3 inch groups at 100 and can hit a 6inch circle reliably at 200 from hunting positions. I have only shot it from the bench once and don't shoot it a lot as I wan't it to last forever and good ones are getting as rare as rocking horse poop. I have some bases for it and might install them and a spare scope to do a little accuracy work for fun. Any bullet suggestions? However I think that it will remain open sighted for my hunting application. Unless I can find a classic styled small scope. modern scopes look a little awkward on a 99 IMO.

    How does Vhit 140 stack up against hodgdon? Other than re15 in my .35 I have pretty much converted to Hodgdon extreme powders for all my applications as i can be shooting the same load from plus 25 to minus 20 celcius.

    Long winded again. The short and sweet is that for some reason I just love taking the 99 and 300 savage out. It goes so well with my plaid jacket too


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    Default 99 scope

    The old Leupold 3x scope looks/works great on these rifles. Got the Savage bug a couple of years ago, bought a bubbad 308 for $450 (recoil pad and sling swivels added, plus tang crack) It puts 5 Rem CoreLokt 150gr into 1 1/4" at 100 yds consistently. Can't bear to part with it, it wears a3x scope. Enjoy your Savage, they are addictive, I just bought an EG model in 300 SAV for $300, ( it has two tiny holes in forearm for? reason, but brought the price down) Threw on a Lyman receiver sight and it's a delight to shoot.

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    I have a 99 in 358 that I like. Have never loaded for a 300 savage but Reloader 15 is my favorite powder for my 308's, should be a good powder in the 300, cases are very close.


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