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    Well I have been dying to get ATV's for my wife and I now that the sled season is dwindling down... But as all good dad's will admit the kids come first... I am picking up 2 mid 90's LT80's tomorrow. Neither one runs but the kids aren't really ready for the responsibility just yet anyway. Well I am planning on having them help me do full restorations on each of the wheelers. Once we get through that perhaps they will be ready to maintain them properly! I am super excited because 2 decades ago my dad brought me home an old Suzuki DS 80 dirt bike and we fixed it up together. The time spent together still stands out as one of my favorite childhood memories.

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    Thats awesome. I had one of those for my son when we were back in South Dakota. It was a blast riding with him and whenever we broke anything on it I took him back to the garage and taught him how to fix it. Some great memories!
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