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Thread: Spiral Blood Channel

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    Default Spiral Blood Channel

    Had anyone tried the broad heads that supposedly leave a spiral Blood channel? I havent tried them out nor have I heard anyone else using them.

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    If you are talking about Crimson Talons..forget it. My son won a 3 pack at a 3D shoot this summer. He shot a rabbit (big feral domestic ) with his 30# bow using these heads Friday and lost a blade from them on a shoulder hit. Imagine what they would do on a real size critter. They are flimsy and dull.

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    Thumbs down NO!

    Back in the 70's there was at least one broadhead that was shaped like a screw. Once in a while you can find them on Ebay from collectors.

    And that is where they should be, in collections.

    If it is new and from CT, don't put it in the collection. Put it in the cicular file. (aka trash can)

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    Default barbed broadheads

    Just for the record, Crimson Talon broadheads are considered barbed and are illegal to use in Alaska.


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